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Payne, Building Movers has moved and raised all types of homes and residential houses from historic here in the Northe East US from new to old and from big to small. There is no limit to what we can do. Sky's the Limit. Since 1974.


House moving is a good way of building instant equity, a lot of times you can purchase a house that is scheduled to be torn down for only a $1.00 and then pay to have it moved to a new location. This is a great way to build equity because you are starting out with a building that was only a dollar as well as recycling an entire house. Another reason for moving a house is to sub divide your property so that you can get additional lots or maybe you want to be further away from a busy road or ocean tide

  House Jacking. Raising your home is a good way to add space and value to your house.  
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If your home only has a crawl space or is sitting on piers. we can lift it up so that a full foundation can be built underneath it. By doing so you have increased your square footage as well as usable space. If you have and old decaying foundation or have flooding problems we can simply raise the house so that the old foundation can be removed and a new one can be installed or raise the elevation of the foundation to get the home out of the flood plane. In some situations we can even raise the house enough to add a entirely new first floor and save you time and money on removing the roof and adding a second story.
NJ Flood Elevation Solutions | NJ Building Raising NY Building Moving
NY Structure Flooding Solutions
Flood Salutions Structure Relocation Due To Flooding
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