Moving New England And Beyond

Payne Construction Services Inc. is a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the Northeast United States since 1974. The business got its start when owner Brian Payne’s father, Kenneth Payne, began jacking up cottages along the coast of Massachusetts and New Hampshire in the late 1950s. It was in 1974 that Brian restarted the business, expanding services to go beyond coastal jacking and to include bridge jacking, commercial lifting, raising and rigging, home and commercial building relocation, as well as the transportation of power plant equipment, transformers, generators, and other large equipment.

Over the years we have provided quality service for all house and structural relocation needs throughout New England. There is no job too large or too small for us to tackle. Whether it’s jacking up a small house or moving a large masonry structure, we have the knowledge and the technology to get the job done right and on time.

There is no limit to what we can do. Our equipment is all in-house so we do not need to rent, borrow, or buy to produce your project. We have our own machine shop where we custom-build much of our own equipment and fabricate steel for different projects. Payne Construction Services Inc. is fully insured and is a US Customs Bonded Carrier. This means that we are able to work in free trade zones. We take great pride in our work and always strive for customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide a quality service to our customers and get the job done on time and safely and our record shows that.

We have the knowledge, professional certification, and the technology to get the job done right and on time.

The Payne Family

As the owner, Brian Payne has kept the business family-owned and operated with the help of his two sons, Sean and Patrick.

Sean Payne became interested in the family business at just four years old when he spent a day watching his father move a 1 ½ story building on dollies several miles down a two-lane country road. At 15 years old, Sean learned to operate a pull truck with 60 forward gears and moved his first building approximately three miles. The building was 28’ wide by 82’ long with a center fireplace. His first move was completed perfectly! Today, Sean, who is now in his thirties, runs and operates his own crews in New England and manages the bidding process and project management.

Patrick Payne has also always been fascinated with the business of moving buildings, and has been on jobs since the age of four. He has also become an expert at operating our equipment, running a crew, loading, moving, house lifting, and jacking buildings. For the past two years, Patrick has been helping run our operations from Toms River and along the New Jersey Shore.

The Payne family has successfully completed several thousand jobs over the years, from jacking cottages to moving some of America’s oldest historical buildings dating back to 1654. Our projects include moving massive stone and brick buildings to aircraft hangers to jacking up 1500 ton bridges: our capabilities are unlimited, making use the premier structural movers in the Northeast!


Project Manager

The trifecta is complete with Patrick, the youngest son — who’s just as able and motivated — holding up his part of the family’s vision. Patrick’s fascination also began at the age of four, and quickly developed a special affinity to operating the various machinery, picking up skills and maneuvering with agility, a likely already-exercised talent from his life-long interest in working on and racing cars.

He is a valuable player in the office and especially on-site. His 15 years of experience unfolds before your eyes in how seamlessly he can conduct a crew; understand, plan for, and dictate the processes involved in building lifting and moving; as well as modeling a true leader in moral and quality of work.

Sean travels to the many states of the New England area, but is presently focusing his attention in Connecticut. He focuses on the crumbling foundation situation
plaguing the northern part of the state, and the coastal residences repairing the damage Hurricane Sandy left behind.

Our Equipment & Facility

Rigging and jacking equipment has developed over time from old screw jacks (turned with a 5-foot steel bar), wood beams, and rollers to today’s advanced technologies. At Payne Construction Services Inc., we only use the most sophisticated and safest technology available including unified hydraulic jack systems, steel beams, steel rollers with needled bearings, radio remote-controlled cranes, radio remote-controlled moving dollies, articulated trailers, 24’ box trucks (which contain the jack system), jacks, welders, compressors, generators, and all the tools necessary to do the job and repair any equipment if needed in a safe and secure manner.

Our main facility in Strafford, NH boasts a 10,000 sq. ft. shop with 3000 sq. ft. designed for equipment maintenance. It is also equipped with a full machine and metal shop for fabricating permanent steel beams for installation on jobs. Next to the shop is our own sawmill for cutting cribbing and custom sawing for timber and lumber for historic preservation projects. We own all of our equipment and do not rent, borrow, or contract any machinery, which helps us get your project completed on time and on budget.

Our Commitment To Customers

Payne Construction Services Inc. is still a small, tightly-controlled business where we care about quality. We take an active part of every job and ensure the project gets done safely and professionally every time. Safety, training, and respect for our employees is a top priority. We are fully insured and would be happy to show you proof of insurance. For over 50 years our mission remains the same, and our name, is synonymous with “Top Quality: Every Job, Every Time.”Our commitment to delivering the highest-quality workmanship along with the best equipment and technology provides you, the customer, with the best possible job and ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

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Communities We Serve

Payne Construction Services Inc. provides house lifting, building moving, helical pile installation, and machinery moving services throughout the Northeast including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas.