1. Top 4 Construction Services Payne Construction Services Offers

    Payne Construction Services has been helping the residents and business owners of the Northeast with all of their helical piling, walkway, bridge, shoring, and pipeline work since 1974. Our family-owned and operated company takes pride in exceeding expectations and offering you the best services pos…Read More

  2. Important Applications Of Rigging Services

    Rigging services are the use of heavy machinery in order to move other types of heavy machinery. For instance, if you are relocating an industrial plant or a piece of manufacturing equipment, we can help. Payne Construction Services offers rigging services throughout the Northeast. Below, we'll take…Read More

  3. A brand new house almost finished has a new foundation built underneath.

    Steps in Preparing a House for Lifting

    Whether you’re having your house lifted in order to move it to another location, the house needs to be raised above a flood zone, if the foundation needs to be repaired, or if you want to expand a basement or crawl space, preparing the house to be lifted is an intricate process. In order to preven…Read More

  4. A historical house raised to prepare for a new foundation - Payne Construction Services

    Historic Preservation: Why Building Moving Occurs

    If you think about it, moving a building is a big deal. After all, you’re moving something that was never supposed to be moved. The structure was put there so that it would withstand storms, earthquakes, and war, and the builders of it never even thought for a moment that it would ever rest anywhe…Read More

  5. A helical pile being driven into the dirt.

    6 Advantages of Helical Piling Anchors Over Concrete Caissons

    If you’re not familiar with helical pilings, you should be. Helical pilings offer many advantages when you need to create a solid anchor in the ground. We’ve performed helical pile installation for many purposes, including foundation underpinning, slope stabilization, wall anchors, pipeline tie-…Read More

  6. A foundation restoration service in progress.

    What You Can Save By Investing In House Lifting In Massachusetts

    When it comes to house lifting and house moving, the first “loss” that most people think of regards the house itself. After all, lifting or moving a house is a big deal, so it’s pretty obvious that the house is being moved in order to protect it. It’s all about protecting the house itself, r…Read More

  7. A portion of the house lifting process

    Do You Need a New and Improved Beach House Foundation?

    Many people dream of living on an East Coast beach. While beachfront property might be colder in the areas we serve — Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, NewHampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island — it’s worth it to see the beauty of the ocean and the sunrises over the water. While it’s lovely t…Read More

  8. A two story home in grey with two sets of patios lifted up on a new concrete beam foundation.

    Surprising Benefits of House Lifting

    In a recent blog, we discussed five of the primary reasons that people have house lifting performed. The most obvious is to protect it from floodwater and/or hurricanes swells, to ensure that the main floor never goes underwater. Houses that flood are also more susceptible to black mold in the futur…Read More

  9. A portion of the house lifting process

    Why Trust Payne Construction With Your House Lifting and Moving?

    Is your house important to you? If you are on our site, it’s likely that your house is not only your most expensive possession, but also you’re most treasured. Houses are where we relax after a hard day, raise our kids, and spend special time with friends. In short, it’s where we make memories…Read More