A foundation restoration service in progress.

In our most recent article, we talked about what you save by investing in house lifting in Massachusetts (or anywhere in New England, for that matter). You’ll save everything you own, of course, both the valuable stuff and the invaluable stuff. (You’ll also lose the “worthless stuff,” of course, which turns out to add up pretty fast: half a bottle of ketchup, a drawer full of pencils, a few pairs of shoes). We also talked about how you can save your health when you avoid the floodwaters and the black mold they can bring with them. 

We also talked a little about the frustrations you can save yourself from when you get your home raised above base flood elevation, but we think it’s an important part of the flooding experience to go over in more detail. Here are some ways in which your mental health and emotional state can be saved by having house lifting performed.

Returning To Your Home

When you return to your home after a flood, you’re going to be greeted by one of two scenarios. First of all, you could come back to a house that you had the foresight to have lifted. Or you could return to a home in ruins. 

Strangely, now is the time to make the decision about how you’ll feel when the flood water recedes. If you have your house lifted now, you’ll come home to a minimally damaged house that you can still live in. If you decide to put off house lifting any longer, you’ll come back to a ruined house and ruined possessions, and you won’t be able to live in it. 

Working With Insurance

Working with insurance is never fun. They’ll be asking for you for a ton of information, and the only place that information might be is in your flooded house. They might try to undercut the amount they pay out, especially if you were part of a big flooding situation like a hurricane. After all, their parent company is now on the hook for billions of dollars in damages; would you be surprised if the order came down from the top telling them to save as much money as they could?

Even if everything goes perfectly smoothly with the insurance, you’ve got a long road ahead. For instance, you’ll be…

Living In A Hotel, Eating Out All the Time

It’s not as fun as it sounds!

If your house was covered by flood insurance, the insurance company will probably be paying to put you up somewhere until your house is repaired enough to be liveable again. The problem is, that means you could be living in a hotel for months. After all, your house is far from the only one that got flooded and there are only so many contractors in the area to repair it, so you might be way down on the list. Oh, and let’s not forget that you don’t get to pick the hotel you’ll be staying at. Do you think they’ll put you up in the absolute best location in town? Certainly not.

It’s also very likely that your entire life is going to be thrown out of whack due to the location of the hotel. After all, if your home was flooded, it stands to reason that the hotels nearest you would be flooded as well. You might be sent to a hotel across town, which will seriously disrupt your normal routine. The kids’ school is suddenly miles away, and your commute gets longer. 

Oh, and eating out gets really old, really fast, too. For most people, about three days of eating out makes them feel lethargic thanks to all of the high calories and low nutritional value. 

You’re Living With Contractors

Not literally, of course. But you might be able to move in before the house is completely finished. The house might be livable, but the trim isn’t done and the kitchen cabinets aren’t installed. During that time, you’ll have people in and out of your house all the time, made all the worse if you have to take time off work to let them in. 

Replacing Everything

Even after the contractors have renovated your home and have given the go-ahead to move back in, the problems with the flood are far from over. That’s because now you have to replace everything in your home, something you’ll probably be doing for weeks to come. 

Do you want to have to pick out a new rug? Sure, that might be fun. Is it fun to shop for vacuums? Not for most people. Do you really want to buy a new desk and spend hours assembling it? Nope. When you go to the store to replace your toothbrush, you’re probably going to forget to buy shampoo and Q-tips. Back to the store again! (We say that with an exclamation point because you’ll probably be yelling in frustration.)

The fact is, you’ll spend literally hundreds of hours shopping for new stuff long after the flood waters have receded. The repercussions of a flooded home are going to steal your life for quite a while.

You’re Not Out of the Woods

As we’ve discussed, getting your life back in order takes quite a bit of time. Months, in fact. And all of these problems could happen again in just a few months.

Just because a home has been renovated doesn’t mean that it’s now immune from flood water caused by hurricanes. It’s just as susceptible as it’s ever been, and you might be going through it all over again before you know it. Due to global warming, hurricanes are getting more powerful, more frequent, and less predictable. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in a few months or a few years…do you really want to be living in constant fear of losing your home again? 

No Payne, No Gain In Elevation!

As Houston found out with Hurricane Harvey in 2017, you don’t have to be right on the ocean in order to suffer the devastating effects of a hurricane. Houston, as well as many cities and towns much farther inland, weren’t harmed by the wave swell; they were flooded by rivers, canals, and streets that couldn’t take any more water and overflowed.

If you live in New England and know that you have a chance of flooding (we can help you determine if that’s the case), you should contact Payne Construction Services to see what it would take to get your house above flood stages. Just click here to get a quote. It could prevent the horrible frustrations we mentioned above.