A portion of the house lifting process

Is your house important to you? If you are on our site, it’s likely that your house is not only your most expensive possession, but also you’re most treasured. Houses are where we relax after a hard day, raise our kids, and spend special time with friends. In short, it’s where we make memories.

So we ask the question again, is your house important to you? We know it is, because if it wasn’t then you’d just sell it and move on. But you’re interested in house moving or lifting, so you are probably interested in getting a quote from a company like Payne Construction. And since your house is important to you, we bet you’re looking for someone you can trust to take care of it. Here are four good reasons to trust Payne Construction.


Payne has been in the house lifting business since 1974. That’s 45 years of getting people’s houses above floodwaters and fixing their foundations. In fact, the family has been at it since the 1950s, but the business was restarted with gusto in 1974 and began moving everything that could be moved — and some things that people said couldn’t!

We’ve seen the industry change in unimaginable ways during that time, and we can incorporate the experience of the decades into every moving project. Yes, computerized hydraulic jacks and larger vehicles have made the process faster and smoother, but that doesn’t mean the humanity of our business has diminished at all. We know exactly how much people care for their homes, so we treat them like our own.

Our People

Payne Construction is a family-owned business; always has been, always will be. Kenneth Payne started jacking up cottages in the 1950s, and Brain took the idea and ran in the mid-70s. Brian raised his kids, Sean and Patrick, in the industry and made sure they knew everything there was to know about house lifting and moving. That includes the technical aspects of it as well as the reason we’re doing what we do. We protect beloved structures from destruction, whether it’s a huge historic building or a small house.

Of course, three people from a family can’t do everything. Since we’re one of the largest and most trusted building movers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas, we tend to draw the best workers to us. We only hire people who we know will treat each property with the proper respect.


Like we said before, the industry has changed quite a lot since we got started. What once was done manually is now done with computer-linked hydraulic jacks, which make sure that every corner of the house is lifted evenly. Buildings that used to be too large to move can now be moved on even larger trucks.

At Payne Construction, we own all of our own equipment and know how to use it. If you hire us for your house moving or lifting project, you won’t have to wait until we can find a particular truck or piece of equipment. That’s because it’s already in our warehouse and ready to go. We have the latest and greatest gear to get the job done on time and on budget.

Custom Needs

We have a machine shop so that we can fabricate special equipment needed on jobs. We also have a sawmill at our machine shop so that we can cut the perfect cribbing for lifting houses, or make special lumber for historic buildings. When you work with Payne Construction, if we need something that doesn’t exist, we make it!

Ready to Work With Someone You Can Trust?

From start to finish, Payne Construction is ready to get your house lifted or moved, showing both you and the house the deserved respect.

Of course, Payne Construction is more than just house moving. We offer bridge rigging, helical piling, move heavy equipment, transport historic buildings, and perform foundation repair to crumbling foundations. If you’re ready to get the best service around, contact Payne today!