Historic buildings are not only a physical memory of years past, but they’re a great reminder of our nation’s history and the way of life of our ancestors. At Payne Construction Services, LLC, we’ve been involved in the preservation and protection of many historic homes, buildings and structures throughout New England and are proud to be a part of saving these historic artifacts. So, what goes into our historic building preservation and moving process? Read more to find out.

Benefits Of Historic Building Moving

Many historic structures have fallen victim to demolition due to modern day construction and expansion. Other historic buildings have been razed because they’re no longer safe and structurally sound. Whatever the reason, historic buildings are starting to fade away from the modern landscape, that is unless they can be saved and protected.

Because of modern day construction and expansion, historic homes or buildings may lie in the path of a new highway or a new shopping center. Depending on the historic significance of the structure and it’s condition, we can help to preserve the building by moving it to a safe location, where it won’t risk being disturbed. The building can then become a museum or it can be renovated for a new family, there are plenty of opportunities to preserve the historic structure and make use of it for years to come.

Our Process

From homes built in the mid 1600’s to public structures constructed 100 years ago, at Payne Construction Services we have the resources and experience to handle the most fragile buildings with care and precision. We have raised and moved some of the oldest buildings and homes in the country, both wood framed and masonry. We work extremely hard to keep the structures completely intact including preserving fireplaces and chimneys.

At Payne Construction Services, we’re proud of the historic homes we’ve saved and buildings we’ve moved. To learn more about our historic building moving process and how we can help protect your local church, library, historic home or monument call us or click here for a quote.