With hurricane season already pummeling the east coast, it is no wonder that more and more people seek information about how to implement a strategic and efficient hurricane season preparation plan. Aside from the economic reasons to protect your number one investment, your home, from serious damage, families must consider whether or not they have done enough to protect their loved ones in case of extremely dangerous conditions. Among the situations that can make hurricane season especially damaging are heavy winds, rains, and flooding. Your approach should be three fold, then, to ensure that your home is as safe as it can possibly be.


Brush, bushes, and trees present specific risks to your home, and potentially your family in cases of high winds. To make sure that this sort of debris will not crash into and break your windows or even crush your roof, you should remember to have trimmed and removed all heavy plant life before the next storm approaches. In keeping with that, make sure that all outdoor equipment and bikes or toys are stored away in sheds and basements, with chains and locks in use whenever possible.


One of the worst damages to your home may occur mostly from forgetfulness on your part. Keeping your gutters and other drainage areas free of debris and clutter will help to ensure that clogging does not occur. Especially when rains are extremely hard, a day or two of continuous clogging and flooding can lead to serious home damage.


Along with the need to keep drainage areas unblocked, you should do everything you can to keep water from seeping into your foundation and other potential access points. Having sealants applied professionally and sandbagging susceptible areas can help to negate the effects of flooding.

There are many terrible conditions wrapped into one enormous storm when hurricanes approach. Those experienced with such know that it helps to be prepared, but there is no better way to do that than to engage professionals for both preventive and reparative maintenance.