1. An old colonial house is loaded onto the bed of a truck.

    Ready For Building Moving Or House Lifting? You Might Not Be

    When most people are having their home moved or lifted, their thoughts are about the home itself. That makes sense, of course, because it’s called “house moving” and “house lifting.” More than anything they’re concerned about the physical structure they live in. But while the house is th…Read More

  2. 5 Most Common Reasons People Have House Lifting Performed

    While house lifting is itself a surprisingly gentle process — a little drywall cracking is usually the extent of the damage —  it’s still a big deal. There will be dozens of people working on a house-lifting project over the course of weeks, and it usually involves the destruction of the orig…Read More

  3. An image of shiny, chrome industrial equipment.

    7 Reasons Companies Need Us For Heavy Machinery Moving

    While the most high-profile jobs we perform include building lifting and building moving right in the middle of town, there are many other moving projects we engage in that aren’t nearly as noticeable. When we move heavy machinery, we might be way out in the country or in the middle of an industri…Read More

  4. "How Does Bad Concrete Pouring Cause Crumbling Foundation?"

    How Does Bad Concrete Pouring Cause Crumbling Foundations?

    Concrete is everywhere. In fact, concrete is the most-used building material in the entire world. When you compare the amount of concrete tonnage used to other materials, more concrete is used than wood, plastics, aluminum, and steel combined. So if so much of it is used, why are crumbling foundatio…Read More

  5. How Much Damage Does A House Suffer During House Lifting?

    At Payne Construction Services, we’re so involved with the process of house lifting that we often forget that people are still worried about how much damage will be done to a house during the house raising process. Is the house’s frame compromised? Does the plaster fall off the walls? Once the h…Read More

  6. Why Is House Lifting and Building Moving Becoming More Prevalent?

    Have you noticed more people having their houses lifted? Are you seeing more buildings being moved than in recent years? You’re not imagining things. House lifting and building moving are on the rise, as people and communities realize the importance of prevention instead of repair...or even worse,…Read More

  7. Why Consider House Raising

    House raising is the process of elevating a home or extending the foundation. To raise a house, contractors separate the building from the foundation and use hydraulic jacks to extend the foundation. Given that it’s such an involved process, you have to be one hundred percent sure that raising a h…Read More

  8. Helical Piers: Can they Bend or Buckle?

    There is no material that can’t bend or buckle under the right pressure. No matter how strong the material, there may always be a rare circumstance that leads to buckling. Every material has its own limitations and it’s important to understand those limitations before a build. Helical piers are …Read More

  9. How to Handle Densely Populated Areas

    If you live in a densely developed area, foundation repair can be tricky. Think about the types of inconveniences that large remodels can cause. For instance, traffic disruption and damaged landscapes are only two main concerns. With properties jammed close together, large machinery has a tough time…Read More