Foundation problems can be some of the most extensive and expensive issues that a homeowner can encounter. Repairing or replacing home foundations usually requires the expertise of specialized contractors and can even call for soil assessments performed by a geotechnical engineer. Here are a few indications that you should keep an eye out for that could determine whether you should contact a company that repairs or rebuilds foundations.

Indications of Foundation Problems

Several indications that the foundation of your home has become compromised and is in need of repairs include bulging walls and the appearance of cracks or gaps between floors and walls. If your foundation has settled unevenly, you might notice doors sticking or the emergence of gaps between walls and bricks.

Risks of Disregarding Foundation Issues

A number of serious and expensive issues can result when home foundations become unleveled. As the foundation cracks, some parts may sink further into the ground and exacerbate the issues mentioned above. If a homeowner does not address these issues, they may end up having to foot the bill for having a foundation rebuild. This pricey and time-consuming repair usually involves having the perimeter of a house dug up, the house lifted, and the foundation rebuilt beneath the house.

Foundation Solutions

Contractors with expertise in foundation repairs can survey your foundation and offer customized advice. Short of a complete rebuild, it is sometimes possible to re-stabilize a foundation using flexible helical piles or steel brackets. If the damage has progressed too far, contractors that specialize in these complicated repairs can offer more extensive options that could help you protect one of your biggest investments.

Repairing or replacing home foundations are generally not do-it-yourself jobs. For the best results possible, you should rely on skilled contractors and even the expert opinion of a geotechnical engineer to devise a customized solution for your house.