First Place


East Longmeadow is a 96’x56’ home with brick veneer on three sides and two large fireplaces . Weighing in at 200 tons
We are honored to be recognized for the work we have complete on these projects. Taking a first place award from the International Association is a great feeling and we thank everyone involved.
Bobby Lane is a 90’x48’ 130 Ton home that we raised 5’ for the failing foundation to be replaced.
This makes 2 years in a row, our team has exceeded the excellence required to provide top services on some of the largest projects in all of North America and other countries around the world!
We are so proud of the crew for all of our work that is done on a daily basis. This award goes to them for the hard work, sweat and tears put into all of it.

Second Place

The 2nd Place Winner for the Longest Structure Moved NOT on Rubber Tires was Payne Construction Services!

The project that won was called Manse Hill and was located in Connecticut. The Job took place in October 2019 and took two working weeks to complete. The structure was lifted in order to replace the failing foundation. The foundation was poured on top of another foundation creating 16 feet walls and also on poor soils creating settling issues. The house had two fireplaces. The structure was 100 feet long, 42 feet wide, 40 feet tall, weighed 140 tons and was lifted to a total of five feet.

What a cool job Payne Team!


2nd Place Award for Heaviest Building Moved NOT on Rubber tires
Little bit different way of lifting than our normal way. We drove push piers to various depths of up to 145’ deep to get enough resistance to lift and level this home. We lifted the foundations and slabs and the house totaling 420 tons.

The Saugus project won this award for Heaviest Building Moved NOT on Rubber tires. It took three weeks to complete and was finished in January 2019. The home was sinking and was causing the bricks and foundation to crack and separate. The home was 420-tons, Payne had to lift the house, the full foundation, and concrete slabs. All the work was completed and done without the homeowners needing to vacate the property. The structure was 38 feet tall, 61 feet long, and 42 feet wide, and was lifted six inches.