1. Ways to Repair Home Foundations

    The foundation of your home is critical because it supports every other part of your house. If the foundation isn’t strong and stable, your home will develop problems that can be difficult to remedy and may include the need for extreme measures such as house lifting to get to the problem and corre…Read More

  2. What to Ask Your Contractor About Lifting Your Home

    If you live in an area that has recently experienced a good deal of flooding, you might be considering elevating your home to keep it safe from future water damage. Even if you have not experienced water damage before, if your home is in an area designated as a flood plain, new laws may require you …Read More

  3. Lifting Your Home Out of Harm’s Way

    Every year it seems like there are more reports of areas experiencing major flooding. If you want to protect your house from the damages that flooding can cause, one option might be to elevate or lift your home. Most people have probably seen homes like this near the ocean or a lake, but you do not …Read More

  4. Flooding in Northeast

    Flooding in the Northeast has increased drastically due to the three recent storms that have affected the area. First was Winter Storm Riley, then Winter Storm Quinn, and ended with Winter Storm Skylar – three powerful storms in 11 days. High winds, heavy rain and snow fall, surging waves, high ti…Read More

  5. How Helical Piers Came To Be

    When it comes to building a new home or fixing the foundation of an existing home, one option that you may have is to install helical piers to help secure it. They are generally east to install and have a design that works. However, they have gone through a few changes to get to that point over the …Read More

  6. How a Faulty Foundation Can Earn You a Tax Break

    Whether due to a faulty installation, out of date technology or simply an aging foundation, sometimes the foundation in your home starts to fall apart. Crumbling foundations can cause a whole host of additional problems in your home, from flooding to damages throughout the rest of your home. This ca…Read More

  7. Professional Structural Movers Can Relocate Your Home to Safety

    Although a dwelling typically remains on its original foundation after it’s built, circumstances arise where a home, outbuilding or commercial property must be relocated. These circumstances may include rezoning, land reacquisition, flooding, wind hazards and more. If you want to preserve your res…Read More

  8. Actions You Can Take When Your Foundation Starts to Crumble

    If your home seems to have a crumbling foundation, don’t panic. Whether the problem is relatively simple or something more complex, there is probably a solution available. Basement foundation repair is a common contracting specialty, and licensed, professional help is often just a phone call away.…Read More

  9. Is House Lifting Worth The Cost?

    Every year, there are thousands of homes that suffer damage due to sinking. This happens because of a variety of reasons, including softening of the ground in low-lying areas, erosion, the breakdown of foundation materials, and so forth. Many of these homeowners have to make choices about how to sav…Read More

  10. Investing in Restumping: Is It Time?

    If you live in soft or low-lying areas, you understand that the land can sometimes take a toll on your homes building materials. That’s why having your property inspected regularly is important, and it’s also why you have to consider the right measures to take when you find that old building mat…Read More