1. How Helical Screw Piles Are Helping Home Owners

    More and more, home owners in the United States and elsewhere are finding that the traditional methods of slab and foundation construction do not suit their needs or communities. Of course, those living in low-lying areas with high water tables and other environmental challenges already understand t…Read More

  2. The Cost of Ignoring Foundation Problems

    Crumbling foundations are a reality for many homeowners and this is an issue that needs to be addressed promptly. Having a better understanding about foundation issues helps you to ensure that you can best maintain your home. The potential associated costs are typically the most concerning because t…Read More

  3. Helpful Advice for Preserving Historic and Landmark Buildings

    Building movers and other factors can play a major role in making sure that a historic or landmark building is properly preserved. Learning more about what you can do during the process ensures that the building maintains its original charm. Start by learning more about the history of the building. …Read More

  4. Why The Foundation of Your Home Might Require Expert Attention

    Foundation problems can be some of the most extensive and expensive issues that a homeowner can encounter. Repairing or replacing home foundations usually requires the expertise of specialized contractors and can even call for soil assessments performed by a geotechnical engineer. Here are a few ind…Read More

  5. Ultimate Recycling: Relocating a House

    What It Is Relocating a house is an extensive process. First comes the house lifting, then the actual moving, and finally the setting down on a new foundation on a new property. The bad news is each step involves a plethora of factors to consider as well as special equipment to carry out the process…Read More

  6. 3 Reasons for Lifting a House

    When facing significant issues with your home such as space or damage, house lifting is often a more attractive option than the process of selling and moving or undertaking a big renovation project. Reasons for lifting a house vary from protection to reparation to expansion. Protection In many cases…Read More

  7. Repairing Pier and Beam Foundation Problems with Helical Piles

    Whether you have noticed your home’s foundation weakening or have received a bad inspection report, you are probably looking for the best way to fix your pier and beam problems. That makes sense. Having a strong foundation is critical to the safety and value of any home. As such, you might wonder …Read More

  8. How Helical Piles Can Stabilize Your Foundation

    Having a routine foundation inspection can alert any homeowner to weak or unstable foundations. If your foundation needs some sturdiness, you might consider installing helical piles. Here are five advantages to stabilizing foundations with piles. They Work Great on Unstable Soil If your home is new …Read More

  9. Historical Homes and Guidelines for Relocation of It

    Whether it was a fix-and-flip you fell in love with or an old home that you moved into and restored with your own bare hands, the truth of the matter is, you don’t want to leave your old house behind, even if you want to move to a new location. Of course, moving the house itself to a new location …Read More