Building Moving and Jacking

At Payne Construction Services Inc., we have the team and the equipment to move and jack commercial structures that exceed 800 tons. Should you need your building lifted, relocated, or simply rotated, we can deliver a quality moving service that is safe and effective.

Our team can also custom-build and fabricate steel beams and columns to help keep your business going. We have moved all types of commercial buildings, steel buildings, wood-framed buildings, brick, and masonry buildings. Our custom-built bridge columns work perfectly for supporting roof sections and re-leveling mill buildings.

Industrial Machinery Moving and Raising

Payne Construction Services Inc. can also help with all your industrial machinery moving needs. With our cranes, dollies, winches, hydraulics, and unified jacking systems, there is no component or part that we cannot move or raise. Our heavy equipment moving and raising methods also help to reduce overall time and cost and are more effective at spreading the load out more evenly compared to traditional methods.

Our equipment keeps your machinery lower to the ground to clear overhead obstructions. The dollies also allow us to get into tighter spots and make more precise turns and positioning. With our machinery moving and raising methods and equipment, we can drastically reduce the amount of time, equipment, and cost that it takes to complete your structural moving project. Being a US Customs Bonded Carrier, we can deliver or pick up your parts, components, and machinery into or out of “free trade zones.”