At Payne Construction Services Inc., we are not just lifting your house, we offer a wide variety of other services including, excavation, foundation removal, new foundation, structural removal framework, carpentry and more while guaranteeing a job well done.

We are proudly part of the Sandy Solution & CHANCE Alliance Network. As a certified installer of CHANCE Helical Pile Foundations, we can provide the foundation repair and structure raising that your coastal home needs to protect it from future storms.

Helical pile foundations are a FEMA recognized alternative to timber and pre-casted concrete piles that are also frequently used for coastal flood zones. The benefits of helical pile foundations include cost-savings, minimal environmental disturbance, no need to move the home, they are effective in any soil condition and are resistant to corrosion.

If your coastal home was affected by Super Storm Sandy or is at risk of coastal flooding, give us call today. We can provide free estimates and foundation assessments as well as a consultation with a local engineer to develop the most appropriate and feasible plan of repair or prevention for your home.