Building Moving and Jacking Equipment

At Payne Construction Services, we use the most up-to-date equipment to complete each job. Only using Unified hydraulic systems to raise structures, we are able to complete all structure raises safely and efficiently. A unified system lifts equally in unison regardless of the different weights at each lift point, this means little to no stress on the structure being raised.

We have hydraulic jacks for all jacking, shoring, and moving needs from small hand jacks to our custom built 100-ton cylinders. Our structure moving company also has custom built our own steering dollies that can use either a 50-ton or 100-ton cylinder. Our dollies can be used individually or in large groups and all can steer or be set up for castering steering so tight turns and rotations are no problem.

At Payne Construction Services, we also use remote-controlled knuckle booms during house raisings that are mounted to our trucks, so we do not need to hire, or have our customers hire, an excavator or a loader to move or set our steel beams for us. These knuckle booms allow us to work in tight spaces, allowing us to go over or between buildings, trees, rocks, fences, and walls. Our box trucks are equipped with unified hydraulic systems, welders, compressors, cutting torches and all other necessary tools to jack or move any house, building, or another large object.

Our team can also build and fabricate any steel work for your project whether it’s just a new steel beam to clear span your basement or an entire steel sub structure. Click here to get a quote on any of our services, including house lifting, bridge jacking, building moving, and more!