When we say we put an emphasis on the sort of tools and equipment we like to use here at Payne Construction Services, we mean it. We are sure to use only unified hydraulic systems to raise structures. While most folks aren’t aware of the differences in hydraulic systems, unified hydraulics ensure that each part of the hydraulic is lifting in unison. This ensures that, regardless of the differences in weight at each lift point, the whole structure is raised with careful precision at the exact same time. This works to prevent excess structural stress, which is often caused by different parts of a building or a piece of machinery being lifted at different points and different times. 

Our hydraulic jacks are all used for our bigger projects, like jacking, shoring, and moving larger structures. Depending on the project, we may even utilize small hand jacks, or even our own, custom built, 100-ton cylinder hydraulic made for ultra specific jobs. Our other custom built equipment that we use from time to time includes our own steering dollies that use 50-100 ton cylinders to comfortably lift and transport items. In fact, our dollies can both be used individually or in groups depending on the project. They can be modified to all be steered individually, or using a castering steering system so that taking tight turns and doing neat rotations is completely within the realm of possibility. 

In addition to our custom built pieces, we also utilize remote controlled knuckle booms. These are often put to use during house raising projects. They’ll be mounted on a number of our trucks and prevent the process from becoming convoluted with multiple contractors, as we can cover the excavation and loaders to move our own set of steel beams as we need to. These are some of the pieces that set our services apart, as the modifications in the knuckle booms allow us to work efficiently and quickly even in small, cramped spaces. In addition to all of our specified gear, all of our box trucks are equipped with hydraulic systems, compressors, welders and other necessary tools that are used to move or jack buildings or structures of any kind. 

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