Why move a house?

House moving is a great way to build instant equity. Often times you can purchase a home that is scheduled to be torn down for as little as $1.00. Once your structure is purchased we can move it to a new location for you. We’ve also moved homes for residents that want to move their home away from ocean tides or a busy road. Whatever your reason, we have the team, experience and tools to move your home safely and effectively.

What is house jacking?

House jacking is a good way to add space and value to your home. For example if your home only has a small crawl space or it’s sitting on piers, we can lift it up so that a full foundation can be built underneath. By making this home improvement you have increased your home’s square footage and potential living space.

If you have and old decaying foundation or have flooding problems we can simply raise the house so that the old foundation can be removed and a new one can be installed. In some situations we can even raise the house enough so that an entirely new first floor can be added.