Rigging, Bridge Jacking, & Shoring

At Payne Construction Services Inc., we have the experience and technology to complete your projects safely, on time, and damage free. Our methods and equipment allows us to work in tight spaces including between buildings, trees, rocks, fences and walls. Our box trucks are equipped with unified hydraulic systems, welders, compressors, cutting torches and all other necessary tools to jack or move any house, building, or other objects. We’ll even be your industrial machinery movers.

Our structural movers also specialize in bridge jacking and shoring. Throughout the years we have developed a cost-effective alternative to the traditional timber method of temporary shoring of bridges and other heavy overhead structures. Our method of shoring reduces the time necessary for setting up while drastically reducing the costs of labor, equipment, temporary wood timbers, and bracing. On most projects, our system can be installed in approximately 1.5 hours per column using a crew of three and a small hydraulic boom or crane. Bridge jacking has never been easier or most efficient.

Here’s how it works: During bridge jacking, each column is placed on a pad that is specifically designed for each individual situation. The columns are then secured to the structure and a bracing system is installed that takes into account any dynamic loads imparted by winds or traffic. Once the columns are secured, the lifting can begin. Bridge jacking is accomplished by the hydraulic jacks incorporated in the base of each column. Each of the columns is engineer-certified to lift 110 tons and has a block offload of up to 400 tons. The columns can be used individually or in groups of any number.

Need bridge jacking or rigging? Payne Construction Services is ready to help. Contact us today with questions or to get a free quote.