There’s a reason that Payne Construction Services is known far and wide as the best helical piling and structural recovery in the Northeastern United States. We’re known because of our impressive experience, over 75 years combined, and our wide selection of equipment that enables us to complete every project we come across with incredible fidelity to the original structure and impressive results at the end of the day. Our skills allow us to work more effectively than any of the competition in tight spaces including around trees, rocks, fences, walls and other buildings. Our primary mission is to leave as much land looking and feeling untouched as possible while restoring the structural integrity of the focus structure. Indeed, our selection of equipment includes a wide array of box trucks equipped with unified hydraulic systems, compressors, cutting torches, welders and other tools that allow us to rig, jack and move any structure, building or object that you need to have relocated. We can even haul around large industrial machinery for you as well. 

Bridge Jacking & Shoring

At Payne Construction Services, we’re always looking for new ideas and more cost-effective solutions to everyday structural issues. Which is why we’ve recently developed a less expensive alternative to the traditional timber method used for temporary shoring, bridges and other heavy structures. Our method’s cost cuts start with labor costs, specifically. Because we take less time to complete the necessary setup than the traditional methods do, we can drastically reduce the costs of labor, as set up for these projects is often the most time consuming part. In general, and excluding any special cases, our equipment for shoring and bridge jacking can take as little as an hour and a half. This is on a per column basis, using a crew of around three laborers with only a small hydraulic boom or crane to complete the work. It’s a minimalist way to approach a common issue that makes the entire project more efficient, more cost effective and safer than ever before. 

Our Methods

The Payne Construction Services method features simple, minimalist techniques that come together to make a more solid product. During the bridge jacking we create and place columns that are then secured to the structure and supported with a bracing system. The bracing system is specifically designed to take dynamic loads from winds and traffic with ease. The hydraulic jacks at the base of each of these installed columns will then be activated. They’ll each be able to lift around 110 tons and have a block offload of up to 400 tons each. 

In need of bridge jacking, rigging, or shoring services in the Northeastern U.S.? Reach out to Payne Construction Services. We’re always happy to schedule a consultation and discuss your needs with you for your project. Plus, if we think we can’t help, or if you’re a little outside of our usual service radius, we have a collection of equally impressive businesses that we can send you to who will be able to approach your project more efficiently than us. Contact us today to find out more.

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