1. A foundation restoration service in progress.

    What You Can Save By Investing In House Lifting In Massachusetts

    When it comes to house lifting and house moving, the first “loss” that most people think of regards the house itself. After all, lifting or moving a house is a big deal, so it’s pretty obvious that the house is being moved in order to protect it. It’s all about protecting the house itself, r…Read More

  2. A portion of the house lifting process

    Do You Need a New and Improved Beach House Foundation?

    Many people dream of living on an East Coast beach. While beachfront property might be colder in the areas we serve — Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, NewHampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island — it’s worth it to see the beauty of the ocean and the sunrises over the water. While it’s lovely t…Read More

  3. A two story home in grey with two sets of patios lifted up on a new concrete beam foundation.

    Surprising Benefits of House Lifting

    In a recent blog, we discussed five of the primary reasons that people have house lifting performed. The most obvious is to protect it from floodwater and/or hurricanes swells, to ensure that the main floor never goes underwater. Houses that flood are also more susceptible to black mold in the futur…Read More

  4. An old colonial house is loaded onto the bed of a truck.

    Ready For Building Moving Or House Lifting? You Might Not Be

    When most people are having their home moved or lifted, their thoughts are about the home itself. That makes sense, of course, because it’s called “house moving” and “house lifting.” More than anything they’re concerned about the physical structure they live in. But while the house is th…Read More

  5. How Much Damage Does A House Suffer During House Lifting?

    At Payne Construction Services, we’re so involved with the process of house lifting that we often forget that people are still worried about how much damage will be done to a house during the house raising process. Is the house’s frame compromised? Does the plaster fall off the walls? Once the h…Read More

  6. What to Ask Your Contractor About Lifting Your Home

    If you live in an area that has recently experienced a good deal of flooding, you might be considering elevating your home to keep it safe from future water damage. Even if you have not experienced water damage before, if your home is in an area designated as a flood plain, new laws may require you …Read More

  7. Lifting Your Home Out of Harm’s Way

    Every year it seems like there are more reports of areas experiencing major flooding. If you want to protect your house from the damages that flooding can cause, one option might be to elevate or lift your home. Most people have probably seen homes like this near the ocean or a lake, but you do not …Read More

  8. Investing in Restumping: Is It Time?

    If you live in soft or low-lying areas, you understand that the land can sometimes take a toll on your homes building materials. That’s why having your property inspected regularly is important, and it’s also why you have to consider the right measures to take when you find that old building mat…Read More