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Top 4 Construction Services Payne Construction Services Offers

Serving All of the Northeast

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Payne Construction Services has been helping the residents and business owners of the Northeast with all of their helical piling, walkway, bridge, shoring, and pipeline work since 1974. Our family-owned and operated company takes pride in exceeding expectations and offering you the best services possible. Below, we'll take a look at the top four construction services we offer. Call for a free estimate today!

Commercial and Residential Services

Payne Construction Service has been moving homes and commercial buildings since the late 1950s. Our expertise spans the gamut, as we can help you move homes, buildings, equipment, and shore up your structures. From steel buildings to industrial machinery, we can help. Call to learn more today.

Rigging, Jacking, and Shoring


Rigging, jacking, and shoring are all different types of foundation and building stabilization techniques. Rigging services allow us to move buildings and industrial equipment safely. Jacking is where we can raise the foundation of your building to either make it stable or to add a basement. Shoring is where we reinforce existing structures or areas to make it safer for employees and others alike. Learn more by calling us today.

Helical Pile Foundation Services

Helical pile foundation services work to secure foundations either in soil or waterlogged areas. The name comes from the fact it uses spiral blades along the shafts that are inserted into the ground in order to better hold onto the land and dirt. They are long-lasting and extremely effective. Let Payne Construction Services help. Get in touch today.

Historic Preservation

Historic preservation has always held a sweet spot in the hearts of our staff. Here, we move and relocate old buildings in order to preserve them for generations to come. We have the experience, knowledge, and technology to ensure these old buildings continue to bring joy to many. Give us a call to get started today.


When it comes to shoring, helical pilings, historic preservation, jacking, and building and equipment relocation, our team is the best. Payne Construction Services has built a reputation on offering the best services to our customers. If you are interested in any of our services and you are in the Northeast, give us a call today.

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